13 March 2024

Remember these 5 things when renting buses

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Bus rental for holidays and green schools

Trips for the youngest school and kindergarten groups are a great opportunity to get to know the region, conduct specialized field workshops and integrate the student community. However, it is also a big challenge for the organizer of a holiday or green school trip. When deciding on the choice of a coach carrier with which we will cooperate, we should pay attention to several seemingly small matters.

Bus rental – what to pay attention to?

Find out what to do to avoid the most common mistakes made by organizers of holiday trips and other trips.

  1. Coach inspection before departure – thorough verification of the coach’s technical condition. To make sure that your vehicle is fully functional, ask the police for a thorough inspection before leaving.
  2. Checking the age of the coach – make sure that the carrier guarantees at the stage of signing the contract that it will provide a specific model or year of the coach. Also check whether the coach that arrived is consistent with the model and age of the coach agreed upon in the order. The modern coach has advanced safety systems.
    How to check the age of a coach? Click HERE
  3. Checking the driver’s psychophysical condition and qualifications – during a police check, it is necessary to verify whether the driver is properly prepared to drive and whether he has the appropriate documents.
  4. There are no clearly established rules applicable during travel – it is extremely important to care for and control children while driving, so that the driver can focus 100% on driving the bus. Guardians should also ensure that children are properly visible when getting off the bus – reflective vests are especially important after dark. The bus should also be marked with a sign – transport of children.
  5. Inaccurate arrangements regarding the route and stops – misunderstanding the travel route and its schedule may lead to unplanned stoppages, delays and fatigue of the travel participants. If the bus will be traveling for many hours, it is worth determining where the group will stop.

Avoiding these mistakes requires careful planning, communication and cooperation with a reliable shipping company. Taking care of these aspects helps ensure a safe, comfortable and satisfying trip for all participants.


Which coach should I choose?

We have coaches with seats for up to 59 passengers. Depending on the size of the group, we will choose the right bus so that the participants feel comfortable in it.

For smaller groups, we offer bus and minivan rentals – for groups from 7 to 23 people.

You can see all available vehicles HERE – check the number of seats and available amenities.

How to rent a bus?