Can I book a specific seat on the bus?

Seat reservations are made without a specific seat number being allocated.

Can you get on/off anywhere except the stop?

Getting on and off the bus is allowed only in places specified in the timetable.

What are the guidelines regarding the baggage allowance?

Each passenger can carry up to two pieces of luggage free of charge:

  1. a) One item of baggage up to 25 kg and a standard suitcase, carried in the baggage hold,
  2. b) One piece of small hand baggage up to 5 kg with dimensions that allow free placement of luggage under the seat or on the shelf above the passenger seat.

The sizes of hand baggage should not hinder the movement of other passengers.

What is the charge for extra luggage?

The fee for additional luggage is specified in the “additional options” field, which is displayed when making a booking on www.followme.pl.
Passengers planning a trip with more items of baggage than the limit are advised to report this fact at the time of booking. If you do not add such remarks in advance, we may refuse to accept excess baggage, depending on the space available on board the vehicle.

What to do if your luggage is lost?

Loss of luggage is extremely rare on our buses, but you should know what to do in this situation. All complaints about lost luggage should be immediately reported to the Customer Service Office at the phone number (+48) 91 48 50 422. All luggage placed in the luggage compartment should be described, e.g. using a luggage identifier.

The carrier is responsible for lost or damaged luggage, only up to PLN 300. Higher value luggage should be insured individually with the Insurance Company.

Can I take my animals on board the vehicle?

The carriage of animals is prohibited. In exceptional situations, upon a written request, the Carrier may agree to transport a small animal (dog/cat up to 4 kg!). The transported animal must have a passport, implanted microchip and veterinary examination required to enter the country of travel. A fee of PLN 50 each way is charged for transporting an animal, while the passenger buys a ticket.

The transported animal must be properly secured with a leash and muzzle, be in an appropriate cage or bag. The animal must be transported in a way that does not interfere with the journey of other passengers.

What documents should you have while traveling?

Each passenger should have a document authorizing to travel abroad to EU countries, i.e. a passport or ID card.

Can I travel abroad only with a driving license, school ID or birth certificate?

School ID, driving license or birth certificate are not identity documents and do not entitle you to travel abroad.

How long is an Open ticket valid?

The Open ticket is valid for a period of six months from the date of the first journey.

Can another person ride my ticket?

No. The ticket is personal and cannot be made available to a third party. If you want to change passenger details, please contact Customer Service. Promotional tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded.

In what currency can the driver pay?

The driver accepts payment in zlotys or euros. You can pay with both cash and cards. In order to efficiently complete the journey, please prepare the deducted amount for the ticket.

Can I pay by card with the driver?

Yes, the driver accepts card payments, during individual journeys please report the desire to pay by card during the booking.

What time will BERBUS pick me up on the day of my flight? Can I specify this time myself?

When placing an order for the BERBUS service, you will be asked to provide the pickup address, flight number and your preferred departure time. Based on this data, our system will adjust the actual pickup time (± 2 hours from the indicated one) and the optimal route, tailored to the needs of all fellow passengers. You will be informed about the agreed pick-up time by e-mail or SMS no later than the day before the trip.

Where is the BERBUS stop at Berlin Brandenburg Airport?

The BERBUS stop is located approx 300 m from the exit of the T1 terminal (PB Busparkplatz T1, 12529 Schönefeld).

Is the passenger insured while traveling?

The passenger is covered by the Carrier’s Accident Insurance (NNW). The insurance only covers situations that may occur during the passenger’s stay on the bus. Other random events causing passenger damage outside the coach are not covered by insurance.

How can I submit an opinion, comments, complaints?

Complaints arising from the implementation of the contract of carriage should be directed in writing (by registered mail) to the address of the Carrier or email biuro@followme.pl within a month of the occurrence of the circumstances being the subject of the complaint.

A correctly submitted complaint should include:

  • the date the complaint was prepared;
  • name and address of the carrier;
  • name and surname (company name) and residential address (registered office) of the person submitting the complaint;
  • title and justification of the complaint;
  • amount of the claim;
  • list of attached documents;
  • signature of the person authorized to lodge a complaint.

The complaint should be accompanied by a ticket or a photocopy of it, and in the case of a complaint regarding luggage, written confirmation of its damage or loss. The carrier considers complaints within a maximum of one month from the date of its delivery.

My flight will be delayed. Will BERBUS be waiting for me at the airport?

Bearing in mind the comfort of all fellow passengers, the driver will wait a maximum of 10 minutes before departure. If your flight is delayed, we will not leave you without assistance. We will arrange a ride on the next (first possible) course.

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