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Szczecin - Berlin Brandenburg Airport - Szczecin
How to get to the airport as comfortably as possible? The BERBUS ridesharing service, which takes you to Berlin-Brandenburg Airport from the doorstep of your home! You travel in a comfortable minivan and the departure time is tailored to your flight.

What the BERBUS service is all about?

Scheduled to fly from Berlin and wondering how to get to Brandenburg Airport? Not any more! Take advantage of the BERBUS door-to-door service! A modern, comfortable minivan picks you up at your door and takes you straight to the airport, right to the terminal door of Berlin-Brandenburg.

BERBUS also operates on the route from Berlin airport to Stettin. The driver will pick you up directly from the terminal and take you to any place in Szczecin.

And that's not all: the departure time is tailored to your flight, so you don't have to waste time waiting too long for your plane to take off or after you have landed at the airport. All you have to do when booking the service is give us your departure or arrival time, and we'll take care of the rest! We will tailor the minivan's departure time to suit you and the other passengers.

BERBUS - Szczecin Berlin

Door-to-door transfers directly to your flight.

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BERBUS to BER airport - it's that simple:

  1. Request a ride by entering your address and flight time.
  2. Our system will determine the best time for you to be picked up.
  3. On the day of your departure, the shuttle bus will pick you up at the agreed time from your door and take you to Berlin Brandenburg Airport. In the case of airport transfers, your journey will start from the terminal and end anywhere in Szczecin.

Satisfaction guarantee - how it works?

BERBUS picks up or takes passengers home. It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes - depending on the number of passengers and pickup locations. We serve a maximum of 4 addresses on one BERBUS trip, but only in the case of addresses that are close to each other.

However, if the travel time around the city (departure or return) exceeds 45 minutes, you automatically receive a 50% discount on your next BERBUS ride.

All you need to do is contact our Customer Service Office - by e-mail or telephone. We will send you a discount code to use.

BERBUS - service coverage

Below is a map showing where the BERBUS reaches. In addition to the centre of Szczecin, BERBUS also reaches passengers from, among other places, Prawobrzeża, Mierzyn, Bezrzecz or Kołbaskowo.
If you would like to use our service from outside the marked area, please contact us.


BERBUS – what else is worth knowing?

Rides are carried out with all recommended safety measures. The car is equipped with all modern safety systems and, additionally, certified child seats are available for the youngest passengers (extra charge: 9 PLN/pc). You can take 1 suitcase free of charge in the luggage hold and additional hand luggage. Each additional piece of luggage is subject to a fee of PLN 15 - you can buy it during the booking process.

Why choose our services?

  • Convenience - Leaving from the doorstep of your home? A more comfortable solution would be hard to find! Getting to Berlin-Brandenburg Airport with Follow me! is a journey in a modern car, in a comfortable seat, with free Wi-Fi and USB ports.
  • Safety - The minivans that take our customers to the airport are equipped with the latest safety systems. What's more: unlike our competitors, we provide our youngest passengers with certified safety seats.
  • Professional service - Qualified and - very importantly - friendly, courteous drivers and competent customer service staff form a team you can trust. They make both booking our services and getting to Berlin-Brandenburg Airport as comfortable as possible.


    • How much does the BERBUS ride cost?

A BERBUS ride costs from PLN 99 to PLN 129/person. The price depends on the passenger's pick-up/drop-off location - you can check it when booking.

    • Does BERBUS only run in one direction - to the airport in Berlin?

No, BERBUS also runs in the return direction - from Berlin airport to Szczecin.

    • Will I really make it on time for the plane?

Getting to the airport on time is our priority - we have been going to airports for 25 years, transporting hundreds of thousands of passengers to airports in Berlin, Goleniów and Poznań every year. The departure time is adjusted so that you can easily (with enough time) reach the airport and check in and pass the security check.

    • Where will the BERBUS pick me up?

If you are going to the airport, BERBUS will pick you up from any chosen place in Szczecin. When traveling from the airport, BERBUS stops just before the exit from the T-1 terminal at the glass shelters located at the arrivals level.

    • How long does it take to pick up/drop off passengers?

Most often, it takes about 15-30 minutes - which is more or less the same as taking a regular taxi from the station to home. The travel time by BERBUS depends, of course, on the place where you start/end your journey. To avoid too long drives within Szczecin, BERBUS stops at a maximum of 4 addresses during one trip.

    • I live near Szczecin - can I travel by Berbus?

You can check the service coverage on the map above.

    • My plane was delayed - how long will BERBUS wait?

With the comfort of all passengers in mind, BERBUS waits up to 10 minutes after the scheduled departure time. If your flight is delayed, just call our Customer Service Office and we will direct you to the fastest return transport. Your ticket will be suspended and you will use it for your next BERBUS trip.

    • Does BERBUS go to the center of Berlin?

No, BERBUS only runs to Berlin Brandenburg BER Airport.

    • What luggage can I take?

You can take with you 1 suitcase weighing up to 32 kg in the luggage compartment free of charge, and additional hand luggage weighing up to 15 kg. Each additional piece of luggage is subject to a fee of PLN 15 - you can buy it when making a reservation.

    • How often does the BERBUS run?

Flights on the Szczecin - Berlin route run on average every 60 minutes. From November 20, 2023, journeys on the Szczecin - Berlin route will be even more frequent. Remember, however, that your transfer will always be adjusted to your departure/arrival time.

    • How big the fleet of BERBUS is?

Only the BERBUS fleet currently consists of almost 30 vehicles.


How to book a BERBUS?