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Business Taxi Follow me!

Take a seat in a comfortable Mercedes or choose a sporty and stylish BMW.
The satisfaction of our customers is an indicator of a job well done. Since the beginning of the company, passengers comfort has been a key issue for us and, as the years went by, we adjusted the fleet to their expectations. Currently, passengers can choose elegant and comfortable Mercedes E-class or sporty and stylish BMW 5.

Comfort in the opinion of customers 5.93 (on a scale of 1-6)

What guarantees both vehicle brands is the highest comfort of travel. In addition, we make every effort to ensure that the trip with us is pleasant, so during the journey you can use the free internet, read fresh press or use a prepared lunch box and mineral water.

We work with over 200 companies!

We have been trusted by over 200 companies and institutions in the region that regularly use our Business Taxi service on the way to airports or during business trips. We are the only company that has been providing individual transport continuously for over two decades, and the trust we have earned with our partners is a great responsibility for us.

Business Taxi

Premium service for the most demanding customers. Immerse yourself in Mercedes comfort or choose a stylish BMW.


What makes us stand out:

  • Punctuality guarantee,
  • Quick substitution time in emergency situations,
  • 24h care for business clients,
  • Bilingual drivers,
  • Free wi-fi, newspapers and mineral water.

How to order Szczecin Business Taxi?

A taxi for a business customer is a service that you book quickly and conveniently using an automated online system. How do you do it? We give you a hint!

Fill in all the necessary data in the form. Enter the address to which we are to arrive and the destination to which we are to take you, your employees or contractors. In addition, enter the following information: planned flight time, number of passengers and suggested departure time.

Based on this information, the system will offer you journey options and prices. To complete your order, complete the details for individual passengers. If you wish to take additional or non-standard luggage with you, enter this information in the form as well. Finally, pay for your order. Blik, card, online transfer: choose the payment option that is most convenient for you.

Why use our offer?

  • Many years of experience - Follow me! is a transport company that has been dealing with airport transfers for more than two decades. Dzięki zdobytemu przez ten czas doświadczeniu, możemy Ci zaoferować pierwszej klasy usługi. Najlepszym potwierdzeniem ich jakości jest zadowolenie naszych klientów – wystarczy powiedzieć, że współpracujemy z ponad 200 firmami!
  • Safety - When travelling, safety is the most important thing! Doskonale zdajemy sobie z tego sprawę, dlatego nasza flota wyposażona jest nie tylko w pasy, ale również inne, najnowocześniejsze systemy bezpieczeństwa. Co niemniej ważne, samochody prowadzone są przez wykwalifikowanych i doświadczonych kierowców.
  • Individual approach to each customer - Taxi for a business client Szczecin, individual transport, comfortable access to the airport - Follow me! company is a leader in services related to passenger transport in the region. Maksymalnie dopasowujemy się do potrzeb naszych klientów: przyjeżdżamy na wskazany przez Ciebie adres samochodem, który sam wybrałeś i punktualnie odwozimy Cię na Twój lot. Trudno o bardziej komfortowe rozwiązanie, prawda?