Follow me! About us ECO Business Class

Follow me! is betting on ECO!

In Follow me! we always care about ecology. Vehicles in our fleet meet the highest emission standards, drivers regularly train in the field of eco-driving. We took another important step by introducing a service based on an ecological idea.

ECO Business Class is primarily aimed at people and companies guided by the ECO principle and at the same time expecting the highest quality of services. Optimizing travel costs while caring for the environment are activities that guide many passengers and companies using our services.

Lower your travel costs by up to 50%!

We have introduced a new solution to our Business Taxi service - ECO Business Class. This will reduce the CO2 emissions and passengers will reduce travel costs by almost half!

As many as 86% of Business Taxi trips are carried out single, many of them take place at the same time and in the same direction.

Eco Business Class is a service carried out on the basis of ridesharing, i.e. combined journeys. Passengers can travel without compromising on travel comfort at a much lower price.